My entire creative life has been influenced by varied mediums of expression, particularly visual art and music of all genres. It was only natural that I made visual design my career of choice. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications (Advertising/Graphic Design) degree and twelve years of design experience, my freelance focus has evolved into one that caters primarily to musicians, artists, and small businesses. 

Brian Lafferty Design

Some of my primary visual graphics skills include digital design, vector software, illustration, screen printing, photography, 3-D display, printmaking, video editing, and animation. 



I regularly help clients develop their personal or business brands so that all visual elements are encompassed in a consistent and seamless package. Combined with my personal passion for music, my skills make me the ideal designer for music artists who want to stand out, express who they are, and what they represent. 


My client’s satisfaction with the resulting product is important to me for every project. I look forward to working with more people who are all combinations of driven, creative, and passionate.